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Product Category : .22 WMR

Mil Spec 22wmr rifle
  • Full mil spec rifle
  • 12 inch hand guards
This full rifle will be built with Spike's Tactical M4 flat top slick sided upper with standard charging handle delta ring assembly 9 inch hand guards and FT gas block and A2 flash hider sat on a standard Mil spec Spike's M4 lower with 2 X 14 round mags
£ 0.00

Ray-Vin upper
  • Free float forend
  • Threaded 1/2x28
  • Side charging
As promised we are now able to give you more details on the 22 WMR uppers and rifles we will be building these next coming months Standard Ray-Vin 22wmr upper side charging with 18/16 inch flutted barrel threaded 1/2x28 free float tube complete with 2 X 14 round black dog mags
£ 0.00

Standard 22wmr rifle
  • Complete rifle
  • Spike's Tactical M4 lower
  • Ready to go just add Ammo and optics
This will be the standard Ray-vin upper on a mil spec Spike's Tactical forged M4 lower with 2 X 14 round mags and free float forend
£ 0.00

That's right a semi auto WMR AR15
Just a quick heads up on these for all you guys interested in these these been a slight delay stateside we are hoping to have them in the next few weeks as there's been a lot of interest in these new guns the first batches will be going out as full rifle builds only We will be stocking and building a Semi Auto 22WMR AR15 in a couple of barrel lengths and finishes these will be based on the Spikes Tactical Lowers with custom uppers and running on the Black Dog 10/14 round mags More details and photos to follow soon :)
£ 0.00

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