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Product Category : Grips

BCM Gunfighter Mod2
  • Adjustable grip
  • Nice none slip finish
  • Black FDE available
Adjustable design with 5 replacement front and rear panels allow you to get the grip feeling just right in your hands nice none slip finish
£ 35.00

Ergo ambidextrous sure grip
  • None slip texturing
The None skid finish and smaller size of this grip makes it very popular with our customer base
£ 30.00

Ergo tactical delux ambidextrous grip
  • Large size
  • Anti skid finish
The large palm swell through the middle of this robust grip makes it ideal for the shooter with larger hands while the anti skid texturing makes it ideal for controlling the weapon in wet conditions
£ 45.00

Ergo tactical with palm shelf
Ergo grips over moulded with a anti slip texturing with palm swell and adjustable palm shelf better suited to larger hands
£ 0.00

Hogue over moulded
  • Different versions available
  • Anti slip texture
  • Comes in a variety of colours
Houges. Over moulded grip very similar to the standard A2 pistol grip but with the rubberised over moulding with anti slip texturing this grip also comes in various models either with finger grooves or with our pluss the curved back strap at the top on the newer versions
£ 30.00

Magpul MIAD
This new updated version of the MIAD grip features a more aggressive texture and core contents of a 1/2 oz oil bottle and is compatible with all magpul cores the type 1 is better suited to the AR 15 whilst the type 2 with its taller back straps is better for the AR10 rifles
£ 40.00

Magpul MOE
  • Rubber over moulded
  • Storage core
  • Medium size
Magpul MOE and MOE pluss are drop in replacement grips offer a good hand filling design with anti slip surface the pluss also offers the added bonus of a rubberised over moulding both grips are storage core compatible
£ 30.00

Magpul MOE K2
  • Three versions
  • Rubberised over moulding
There are three versions of this Magpul grip offering a slim line more steeply angled grip pluss the over moulded version all are storage core compatible
£ 25.00

Magpul MOE SL
The newest of the Magpul line the SL ( slim line ) grip and a move vertical grip angle for shorter weapons with an aggressive texturing for more positive control wet conditions
£ 25.00

Mission first tactical Engage grip
  • Black and FDE available
  • Nice none slip texturing
  • 6 front and rear panels for adjustability
Great grip design from Mission first tactical these grips come with 6 front and rear sections so you can adjust the fit of the grip to suit your hand just how you like it
£ 35.00

Trinity Force alpha grip
  • Anti slip texture
  • Good size
  • Great price
This new Ruberised Alpha grip from Trinity is rugged simple and has a really great non slip finish to it combined with a great price it's going to be making its way onto the Spikes/trinity line of rifles soon
£ 20.00

XTech tactical adjustable grip
  • Adjustable angle
  • None slip finish
  • Black and FDE available
New for the UK market the adjustable grip from XTech tactical these grips offer the adjustability to the angle of the grip in your hand the first one to offer this ability
£ 25.00

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