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Product Category : Stocks

B5 systems Bravo SOPMOD
Typical military SOPMOD style stock without the extra storage
£ 110.00

B5 systems enhanced SOPMOD
Standard SOPMOD styling with storage compartments slots and QD points for slings
£ 125.00

BCM Gunfighter mil spec stock
  • 7 ozs Light weight
  • Rugged slick design
New in from BCM is their gunfighter mil spec stock for the M4 carbine and is a super light weight low profile slick design so not to tangle on the sling or shooters clothing and gear with its own patent pending locking system
£ 135.00

Hogue collapsing stock
  • Various colours
  • A better fit on the tube than the CTR
  • Great price
Very much like the CTR in looks and function but with a soft over moulded cheek rest and butt pad slots and QD sling points available in various colours
£ 60.00

  • Fully adjustable
  • Fits M4 extension tube
This fully adjustable stock from LMT fits over the standard M4 extension tube giving you 45 settings and has SOPMOD cheek rests concealed rail on the bottom for monopod fitting and QD sling points
£ 295.00

This LMT version of the SOPMAD comes with waterproof storage compartments QD points and slots for slings with a rubberised but pad for reduced felt recoil
£ 245.00

Luther AR adjustable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Light weight design
This great adjustable stock for the AR15 offers both height and length of pull adjustments in a light weight skeletonised type stock with a great non slip but pad
£ 150.00

Luther AR adjustable carbine stock
  • Fully adjustable
  • Fits M4 extension tubes
  • Black and FDE
This great new design from Luther AR offers a fully adjustable stock that is designed to fit over your existing M4 6 position tube without the need for changing it out These have just been released we will have Black and FDE in ASAP
£ 175.00

Luther AR fixed stock
  • None adjustable
  • A2 fixed replacement
This rugged yet light weight design is a straight replacement for the standard A2 rifle stock and comes with a no slip rubber but pad
£ 50.00

Adaptable carbine stock available in standard and a slimed down version ACS-L both have the Center storage compartment but the L has these removed for a slimmer lighter design both have the locking mechanism and come with QD points and a sling slot
£ 115.00

Magpul CTR stock
  • Locking mechanism
  • Slim line light weight
  • Both tube sizes
An upgraded version of the MOE carbine stock featuring a locking design to reduce wobble available in both extension tube sizes sling QD points and slots pluss rubberised butt pad slim line and Light weight A frame design
£ 65.00

Magpul MOE carbine stock
  • Slim line
  • Light weight
Drop in replacement for the standard carbine stock slim line A framed design comes with sling slots and QD points and a thin rubberised but pad available in both tube sizes
£ 65.00

Magpul MOE fixed carbine
  • Fits both sizes of tubes
  • Good solid fixed stock feel
Magpuls fixed stock that attaches to carbine length extension tubes giving a rigid fixed stock feel available for both mil spec and commercial tubes with plenty of sling fixing points
£ 0.00

Magpul MOE rifle stock
  • Fixed stock
Magpul s drop in replacement for the standard A2 rifle stock complete with sling loops and QD points
£ 65.00

Magpul MOE SL carbine stock
  • Latest design
  • Slim line
  • Angled butt pad
Magpul s latest carbine stock offering dual side release latches for fast adjustment sleek slim lined profile and rolled toe angled butt pad ideal for today's modern battlefield and normal shooters alike sling slots and QD points
£ 75.00

Magpul PRS
  • Fully adjustable
  • Fixed stock
PRS precision rifle sniper stock fully adjustable and comes with concealed rail on the bottom for fitting of a mono pod available in models for both the AR15 and AR10 rifles fitted with rifle length extension tubes
£ 255.00

Magpul STR carbine stock
  • Storage
  • Improved cheek weld
Magpul s upgraded version of the great CTR stock with added water proof storage compartments offering an improved cheek weld with all the normal features of the CTR slots and QD points for slings and locking mechanism available in both tube sizes and all the normal magpul colours
£ 115.00

Magpul UBR
  • 7 adjustable LOPs
  • Fixed stock feel
Utility battle rifle stock offers central storage compartment and the feel of a fixed stock from this fully adjustable design with seven LOPs adjustments and constant cheek weld comes with its own dedicated extension tube and slots and QD points for slings
£ 265.00

MFT battle link minimalist
  • Very light weight
  • Adjustable position
  • QD sling attachment point
The minimalist stock is the lightest replacement stock on the market today with an angled rubberised butt pad for fast presentation of the weapon available in mil spec and commercial buffer tube diameters and a choice of colours
£ 65.00

MFT utility stock
  • Tons of storage space
  • Adjustable position
The MFT utility stock comes with plenty of storage space inside the waterproof compartment also fitted with a customisable foam pad to cut down on the rattle of stowed gear also 2 QD sling points mil spec and commercial sizes angled rubberised butt pad
£ 125.00

Mission First adjustable check piece
  • Adjusts to get you head in the right position
  • Black and FDE
Adjustable cheap piece for the MFT battle link stock allows you to get your head just right for your optics
£ 30.00

Trinity Force 6 position
  • New design
  • Mil spec fitting
  • Rubber recoil pad
Mil spec stock from trinity force we will be adding these to our Trinity force ST22 models at no Extra cost
£ 35.00

Trinity force Alpha stock
  • Slim line design
  • Great price
Brand new stock from Trinity Force the Alpha stock is mill spec and its design is very much along the MFT Minamilist stock lines but at just over half the price these are a great looking stock and will be a great addition to the Spikes/Trinity line of models
£ 40.00

  • Solid fixed stock
  • Will fit both carbine and rifle extension tubes
  • Various colours
The ARM stock is duel purpose and fits to both carbine and rifle extension tubes and has both slots and QD points for slings and storage compartments
£ 145.00

  • Waterproof storage
  • Slots and QD sling points
  • Various colours
The EMOD stock is slightly longer than most stocks helping with longer lengths of pull and giving a a longer comb for rifles using optics also the toe on this stock are slightly longer and wider than standard M4 stocks and has extra storage
£ 135.00

This stock comes in two styles either standard or club foot both have the storage compartments and sling slots and QD points pluss an angled rubberised wider than normal butt pad
£ 110.00

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