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Product Category : Suppressors

A.R.M.O.U.R. Moderator
The Ancillary Reflex MOno-core Universal Rifle moderator Reduces muzzle report by 12 - 14 dB* at the muzzle down to 77 dB** (Comparable to average radio or TV-audio levels). ? Very lightweight at less than 220 grams. Less than 100 mm forward of the muzzle. Proofed for all Rimfire Calibres. Comprises of only two component parts. Accommodates heavy barrels up to .920". Available in a 1/2 UNF and 1/2 UNEF threads.? A reduction of 10dB is equivalent to 'half as loud' and 1/3rd of the pressure on the eardrum.
£ 0.00

ASE Utra 22RF sound mod
  • All steel construction
  • Parkerised outer coating
This all steel strip able sound mod is one of the best on the market and comes in the parkerised finish that matches the spikes ST22 barrel brilliantly
£ 85.00

Guntec Fake Cans
Various Guntec fake cans. If you want the cool look of the suppressor without the slot on your licence these Guntec fake cans are ideal!
£ 0.00

LEI 5.56 QD Suppressor
  • QD design
  • Used by police and military
  • Comes with its own Molle pouch
This 556 sound suppressor is one of the best on the market and comes with its own designated flash hider for very quick mounting.
£ 495.00

LEI 7.62 sound suppressor
  • Own designated flash hider
  • Molle pouch
  • Police and millitary use
This QD sound mod is the bigger brother to the 556 version and features exactly the same quality build specs.
£ 495.00

LEI Quick Detach
  • Quick detach
  • Fits standard A2 flash hiders
This new sound moderator from LEI clips directly to your own A2 flash hider
£ 475.00

Spikes SD1 fake can
The original spikes fake can threaded in 1/2x28 unef
£ 55.00

Spikes SOPMOD fake can
This fake can by Spikes tactical can be fitted going forward or coming back down the barrel and comes with laser etched markings threaded in 1/2x28
£ 55.00

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