NWCP-15 forged/billet 22WMR Semi Autos



This is the first real AR15 top charging out there we have spent a lot of time and effort on these guns and now have them running perfect with all the ammo we have had our hands on.  These rear standard charging forged builds start at 1350 and come with 2×14 round black dog mags and as these are full mil spec builds you can have these built to your hearts desires  we will be listing a couple of off the shelf models in the coming weeks one the new parts get here.  Standard is 16/18 inch barrels but we will be doing a limited run of 14s for the mini rifle guys wanting a more compact platform.  A big thanks to the guys who have helped with the testing of these guns and who have stuck by us during these trying times   The next batch of 15 guns are being worked on now that we just received the new wmr reamers


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