SEI Vortex Flash Hider (6.8)



The Smith Vortex Flash Eliminator is considered the best Flash Suppressor on the market today and is designed for rifles chambered in 6.8mm all the way up to .30 caliber. The intended uses of this Flash Suppressor are for Precision rifles, the SR-25s, AR-10s, and similar patterned rifles. The Smith Vortex Flash Eliminator is machined out of strong 8620 Chromoly Steel, properly heat treated, and coated in a Mil-Spec Heavy Phosphate finish. Also, a great feature of Smith Vortex Flash Suppressors are their Right-Hand Helical flutes which ensure that the muzzle device will never work its way loose under fire adding more confidence to your personal rifle. NOTE: This Flash Suppressor is threaded for 5/8×24” barrels with a .730” thread depth. If you don’t know what your barrel is threaded for, please ask your rifle’s or barrel’s manufacturer.


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