Hogue PowerSpeed™ Holster

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The PowerSpeed™ holster is designed for competition, duty and concealed carry use. The patented PowerSpeed™ holster is modular, and truly universal. Using only the parts needed for your gun, within seconds the PowerSpeed™ is easily assembled for left or right hand use then adjusted to fit virtually any semi-auto handgun! Incorporating a unique locking mechanism, the Hogue PowerSpeed™ is one of the fastest and most secure holsters ever made. PowerSpeed™ Fits most full size Semi Auto Handguns including but not limited to: Colt 1911 style pistols, Glock Models, Para Ordnance, Ruger P series, Smith & Wesson auto pistols, Sig Sauer pistols, Beretta, Taurus, Browning Hi-Power, EAA Witness, Springfield P9, CZ-75, TZ-75, H&K USP, Caspian, etc.